Tuesday 28 August 2018

Labor Day To Do

As summer comes to an end many of us are starting the busy season with school and sports, holidays, and everyday tasks. Finding time to get stuff done around the house can be a challenge. This Labor Day make some time between BBQ's and weekend fun to get some things knocked off your to do list. Maybe use the extra long weekend to do some winter prep to your yard and house. Here is a list of a few things you can do.

Organize your closets and junk drawers. Go through your clothes and toss the stuff you don't wear. Cleaning out the junk drawer is instantly satisfying.

Get your grass, trees, plants and shrubs ready for cold winter. The internet can be a great place to see what your yard needs to be winter ready.

Clear out the garage. I like to do this every season, I use my garage to store so much junk it really needs a regular clean out. Plus I really like having the room to park my car inside to avoid the weather.

Update your bathroom. Sprucing up the bathroom can be an easy remodel project that is easy to get done in a weekend and can be very affordable. Keep it simple and do a fresh coat of paint a few new rugs and pretty shower curtain.

Don't forget to spend the long weekend relaxing and enjoying the time with friends and family. Give us a call if you need help hauling off your junk.

Thursday 9 August 2018

Remodel ideas for 2018

Top ideas for remodeling your home

White wash: An all white interior is trending this year. White walls, light colored flooring, white furniture, every hue of white is being used to decorate homes. The clean and simple look is very appealing to home buyers and home owners. Using all white to decorate can really open up any room and give the illusion of light and openness.

Patio on the roof: Apartment complexes have used the space on the roof as an outdoor living space for many years. This trend is now becoming popular with residential homes and people are getting really creative with adding a rooftop patio to their homes.

Open kitchen shelves: This trend has been around for centuries, the closed cupboard came much later. Open shelves can be a lovely addition to any home. Just be prepared to keep those shelves organized and neat, no more hiding the chipped mugs and plates behind closed cupboards.

Smart homes: Unless you live under a rock you know what a smart phone is. More and more people are adapting their homes to a smart house. You can hook up lights, doors, heating/cooling, cameras, security systems, your coffee pot, the possibilities are endless. The best perk for owners of smart homes is the security of monitoring their homes and even the savings from controlling the temperature from their phones.