Sunday 15 July 2018

Clean that garage

Is your garage over taken by junk? It is so easy to throw stuff in the garage that you don't know what to do with.  Sometimes boxes full of stuff that never got unpacked from a move, or sentimental childhood things sit in boxes gathering dust. Workbenches over stacked with tools and extra materials, car parts, yard tools, you name it and it ends up in the garage. The garage can become an area of the house that gets over looked because the clean up and clean out seems overwhelming.

As with any home project start with a plan. Decide what type of stuff you want to keep and what to toss. I like to enlist the help of an unbiased friend. They can help you toss stuff that you've been keeping around that serves no purpose but a space waster. Get some bins and shelves to help organize the stuff you are keeping. A clean well organized garage is definitely worth it!

Give us a call if you need a bin to haul off your junk.

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