Tuesday 20 March 2018

Green is your lucky charm

Green is your lucky charm!

We all love spring for the green and warm months that are ahead. Our green residential friendly bins with wide double doors for easy loading are perfect for any size project you may be thinking of tackling this spring. If you are getting ready to move, starting a yard or home project, or just doing some much-needed spring cleaning and decluttering our bins are perfect to help with your project.  
If you are planning on cleaning and decluttering start with clearing out the areas, you often overlook. Pantries, closets, junk drawers and even your bathroom vanity can build up with clutter you don’t need or use. Which is our first tip- if you don’t use it toss it. Throw away old makeup or expired food and spices. Toss out any accessories that don’t get love or are dated. Go through the piles of magazines, junk mail, bills, and newspapers start by making a pile of stuff to shred and stuff to toss out. Most UPS stores will have a bin you can put items in for mass shredding if you feel okay letting someone else shred your documents.
Second tip is give a good look at your furniture, appliance, and dishes if they are battered or just sitting unused then it’s a time to think about throwing them out. As you move from room to room give everything a good dusting. A telescoping microfiber duster or long vacuum hose can help with those hard to reach areas.
Tip three is to have a good stock of dusting and cleaning tools. Walls and baseboards can collect a lot of dust and hair. Use a slanted vacuum hose to clean along where the floor and wall meets. You will be surprised at how much it will freshen up a room. When working on cleaning up the kitchen grab a few dryer towels. The dryer towels can help remove the greasy buildup that accumulates around the kitchen.
Our fourth tip is an effortless way to clean drapes, blinds, lampshades and furniture. Most stores will have a cheap blind attachment for your vacuum. Stock up on lint rollers and use them to clean lamp shades and furniture. Put drapes in the washer if the fabric can handle it or put them in the dryer on air fluff for a few minutes to breath new life into them.
Use these tips to help make your cleaning easy and less stressful. If you need a bin to help haul away your junk we have you covered.

Give Bin There Dump That Layton a call and we will be happy to assist you in finding the right size bin for your budget and project. 

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